Tell the Truth.

Change the Story.

Heal the Legacy. 

-L. McKowen


the thing you are most afraid to write.

write that.

-advice to young writers

N. Waheed


This quoteheart.  It is so simple and at the same time so profoundly true.


I started this blog a bit by accident and not fully confident that I wanted to dive in. Still, something deep inside me knew that to further process, heal and move forward into my forties, I must write. That voice told me to keep pressing in and away from the doubt and fear. To write IT. To write THAT. To write ALL of it... AND share.


This was the year I turned 40. Its been a year of big internal shifts and external changes. In the pages of this blog, I will write about all of THAT. 


Let's start with a list to better introduce myself...


The year I turned 40,


-I took out my pen and started to write again - every day.

-I found the work I am called to, a vocation in life coaching, and pursued it.

-I discovered the healing power in yoga and began teacher training.

-I moved to the woods, close to the shores of Lake Michigan, where my soul can rest.

-I stared down years of struggle with an Eating Disorder and commited to recovery.

-I stopped running like it was my religion and gave my body a break.

-I ended the drinking habit that was numbing my mind and stealing my clarity.

-I began to identify and undo deeply rooted patterns of co-dependent behaviors in my life.

-I explored my sexual identity and began to remove barriers of shame I had built there.

-I turned in the foster mom role, adopted a beautiful son, and grew a cross-cultural family of 7.

-I retired from my 15 year position as homeschool mom and embraced public school.

-I turned in, not away from my marriage, to discover why I was there.

-I stumbled through the first year of raising teenagers.

-I weaned my very last baby.

-I bought a suitcase and began to travel again.

-I rediscovered my faith and what it means to me.

-I found friendship with boundaries and practiced using them.

-I acknowledged that I had a right, actually a responsibility, to take up space in this world.

-I looked at myself in the mirror for the first time and truly loved who I saw.


My intention is to write about all of that, piece by piece. dig deeply, to share honestly, and to sharpen my own lens as I look further into my forties.